Visiting San Jose de Sisa, my 2nd home in Peru

An hour away from Tarapoto is a smaller town called San Jose de Sisa (Sisa), this is where the majority of my work is going to take place with the Water company here (EMAPA San Martin in Sisa). It’s a more relaxed and slow paced atmosphere there (which I’d need to get use to) with stray dogs roaming and sleeping on the streets along with baby chicks walking along next to you chirping away.

I found a nice small room in a house that’s shared with 2 teachers and 2 university students, and baby chicks. The internet isn’t the best there (a lot of people dont even have access) so I need to figure out what I can do to keep in touch with everyone or else go insane. I will most likely be staying in Sisa during the weekdays and coming back to Tarapoto during the weekends since there’s more to do here.

Pictures will be posted soon…or most likely not. Internet is maddd slow so I’ll upload them slowly over time on facebook

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One week in..still a long way to go


                        City of Tarapoto - On the back of a Mototaxi

Today marks one week exactly that I have begun my volunteer position with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) here in Peru. Many people here have been asking what I am going to be doing exactly so I will fill you in on the details I have been provided with thus far:

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I was taken around Centro, Lima which has a lot of very beauiful areas (can see my pics in the Picasa album), however what caught my attention were the areas of povery found in these huge hills that surround the city. The slums of Lima are high up in these areas with various other locations found on other sides, apparently from what I’ve heard they’ve been slowly getting bigger. The first thing that came to mind was: 

'they're up there, on these hills, for everyone to see.. almost as if salt is being added to their wounds'